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Optomap Atlas

Now You Can Avoid Routine Dilation by Using the Optomap Atlas

Dilation has been a common mainstay of an eye exam for a long time.

Drops are placed in the eye that cause the pupil to enlarge to allow the eye doctor to view more retinal tissue and in better detail than through a normal sized pupil.

Dilation is generally safe but not without side effects. The drops used to dilate often burn when applied. Ten to fifteen minuets are usually required to obtain a full dilation, and the dilation affect can last several hours to a few days. Blurred vision and sensitivity to sunlight can also make it difficult to safely drive or return back to work or school.

Dilation is an important and necessary procedure in managing and treating certain eye diseases. However, during a routine eye exam, the side effects of dilation can be avoided with an Optomap image.

In just a few seconds, an image that captures about 80% of the retina can taken that replaces routine dilation. The Optomap has no side effects, does not burn or sting, does not cause blurriness or sensitivity to sunlight and does not affect driving, work or school.

In addition, Optomap creates a permanent record of your eye that you can review with the doctor, and images can be compared over time.

The Optomap is valuable tool for detecting 66% more previously unknown eye diseases. Optomap is an important tool for following the progression of diabetes because the Optomap image can be manipulated to show different layers of the retina and features of the eye can be zoomed in or out for a better look uncovering hidden and subtle retinal hemorrhaging. Your Optomap image can also be sent to other doctors to help in treating eye conditions.

A routine Optomap should be included in an annual eye exam much like an x-ray is part of an annual teeth cleaning appointment.

For a minimal cost, the Optomap is a valuable source of information for your eye health!

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