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What Is Glaucoma And How Can You Fix It?

Most people have heard of an optical condition by the name of glaucoma. It is a condition that leads to the optic nerves of your eyes becoming damaged. This is often accompany with some type of pressure, not outside of your eyes, but on the inside beneath the surface. It is regarded as a condition that is passed down, generation to generation, and often appears in the latter portions of a person’s life. In the past, resolving this condition was very hard to do, but modern technology has made this easier than ever before. Let’s look a little deeper into what glaucoma is and how you can resolve this problem if you are currently experiencing it now.

How Does Glaucoma Affect You?

Glaucoma begins with what is a subtle amount of pressure inside of your eyes. The official name is called intraocular pressure. When this pressure persists, it can lead to the damage of optic nerves, and these are the nerves that make it possible for you to send signals to the brain so that you can see. As this condition gets worse, it is probable that someone could actually lose their eyesight. It may take a few years, but because of this persistent pressure, something has to be done to save a person’s eyesight.

What Causes It To Occur?

Even though this is a hereditary condition, it is one that begins with the internal fluid of the eye. This aqueous humor will flow down channels, ones that can get blocked and this is where the pressure begins. The cause of the blockage is not defined by medical doctors because they have not determined what the causative agent actually is. It is much easier to determine what has happened if someone were injured, such as getting chemicals in their eyes, or if they have ever suffered from an infection. Fortunately, there are techniques and strategies today that can help minimize and even eliminate this condition.

The best treatment for this condition is to simply relieve the pressure. It is possible to use laser treatments, and even surgery, to allow that pressure to be reduced. It may be as simple as getting prescription eyedrops that can lead to a reduction in pressure within your eyes. Regardless of where it is, or how much pressure has built up, it can be stopped if it is caught early which is why regular appointments with an optometrist are highly recommended. If you believe that you are suffering from glaucoma, or even if you are not, schedule your annual eye exam just to make sure that you can prevent glaucoma from affecting your eyesight.

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