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What Can The Dry Eye Spa Do For You?

Dry eye disease (or syndrome) is a chronic and progressive condition that affects about 30 million people in the United States. 10% of dry eye patients suffer from a lack of tears. 80% suffer from evaporative issues that are very commonly traced back to oil producing glands in the lids that don’t function properly. Inflammation of the eyelids also contributes to dry eye conditions.

Common symptoms include sandy, burning, red, irritated and sleepy feeling eyes. Fluctuation of vision can also be another indicator of dry eye.

Causes of dry eye syndrome include age, gender, hormone levels, trauma to the eyelid, diseases of the eyelid, long-term glaucoma drops, environmental factors, dietary factors, systemic medications, and autoimmune diseases among others.

Our dry eye spa uses a verity of tools to increase eyelid oil gland secretion, increase blood circulation around the glands, increase cellular production, promote tissue healing and decrease eyelid inflammation.

Our dry eye spa also uses drops that aid in reducing inflammation, promote tissue healing, tissue repair, and tissue regeneration.

Our dry eye spa can help relieve both signs and symptoms of dry eyes. It can also keep the glands that produce the various components of tears healthy, reduce dependency on artificial tear drops, and help make reading and work more enjoyable.

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