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What is Keratoconus?

What Is Keratoconus And How Can It Affect You?

Keratoconus is one of the more devastating conditions that a person can develop within their eyes. It is going to affect what is called the cornea of your eyes, and this can inhibit your ability to see properly. The cornea is that portion of your eye that looks like a dome. From your profile perspective, it appears to be that part of your eyeball which is the furthest facing forward. When it is affected by this condition, there can be a bulge that develops. When this bulge occurs, it is going to affect the clarity of what you are seeing around you, plus you will become very sensitive to glare or any type of bright light. Here is an overview of what keratoconus and how you can resolve this issue.

Keratoconus Symptoms

If you have notice that the condition of your eyes is changing significantly, you may have noted some of the issues that you are facing. If you have notice that the lights around you have a certain halo effect or glare around them, this may be indicative of this condition. If you cannot see very well at night, this is another reason to consider that you may have developed keratoconus. Other symptoms may include headaches that are directly connected to pain in your eyeballs, and also in clouding of your vision which can suddenly, out of nowhere.

Treatments For Keratoconus

There are several available treatments for this condition. First of all, you can get eyeglasses. This is going to refocus your eyes, without actually affecting the bulge that is in this area. Hard contact lenses may also be a viable option. Not only are they going to be designed with a prescription, they can provide that extra support on your eyeballs. Additionally, there are hybrid and piggyback lenses that your optometrist may recommend to you. You will know that it is working once they are on and you are able to see clearly.

Keratoconus is a condition that generally anyone can get. If you have noticed any of the symptoms that have been mentioned, it is certainly time to consider visiting an optometrist in your local area. You can express those symptoms to this individual who may be able to officially diagnosed that you indeed do have keratoconus. Once you have your diagnosis, they will then prescribe treatments, one of which is going to help you. As long as it is caught early, you should be able to see as clearly as you did before prior to this condition developing.

If you are worried about this condition, please schedule a visit with our eye doctor today.

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