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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Glasses

Whether you are purchasing new glasses to replace your old ones or you are buying glasses for the first time, choosing the perfect pair can be difficult. After all, there are so many different styles of glasses, variations, colors, and more. As a result, identifying the perfect pair is easier said than done. Below, we will be going over our complete guide for choosing the perfect glasses.

1) Get To Know Your Face Shape

Understanding the overall shape of your face will help you pinpoint the right styles you should be looking at when buying new glasses. There are different frames that are better suited to specific face shapes. Because of this, you want to figure out your face shape to effectively narrow down options based on which frames would be more flattering to the shape of your face. If you have an oval shape, you will generally be able to ‘pull off’ any style because your shape is much more symmetrical. Whereas, if you have a square face, you will want styles that are much more curved, and if you have a round face you would want to balance it with more angles.

2) Glasses Size

Perhaps the most important aspect of choosing the right glasses is knowing the right size. Knowing the right size to look for can make or break your buying decision. One of the best and most convenient ways to identify a good size is by looking at sunglasses or another pair of glasses that fit your face. Doing this can give you a good size reference to consider shopping for. You can generally find the size of the glasses inscribed on the inside of the arm of the glasses. If not here, look at the bridge of the glasses. Knowing the right size can help you narrow down your list of options considerably. Likewise, it can help you avoid buying frames that are either too small or too large for your face.

3) Glasses Lenses

The lenses that you end up choosing can dictate the kind of experience you get out of them. Because of the seemingly endless amount of options as far as lenses are concerned, it can be difficult pinpointing the right ones for you. The cheapest and the best option for someone who plays sports might be polycarbonate lenses. Whereas, if you have poor vision and you want a thinner lens, you might want to pay more for Trivex lenses. These are thinner and offer similar impact-resistant benefits. You can always opt to add more protective coatings to your lenses to ensure you are able to use them in various conditions. You can get AR coating (anti-reflective) to minimize instances of glare. Another option is to get blue-light filter coating to reduce exposure to blue-lights from constant screen usage.

4) Don’t Base Your Decision On Price Alone

When you are shopping for glasses, you shouldn’t base your entire decision on price alone. Spending the most on your frames and lenses doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting a better pair. Finding the optimal fit is most important.

We can help you select the right pair of glasses and lenses to ensure you are getting the absolute perfect pair for your face and vision. Take your time when selecting your next pair of glasses. Finding the perfect pair can change the way you see the world.

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